Surgesoft Inc

Process Evaluation

Interview & Documentation

It is absolutely critical that the sales processes and deliverables are aligned with the business and sales goals of the company. To achieve this, we conduct in-depth interviews with Senior Management to follow executive direction and if desired we also conduct interviews or focus groups with field salespeople and line management. This aids in securing commitment and buy-in to any process changes.

Review Findings

Once we have identified the relevant processes and incorporated the organizational input from Executives and the field, we conduct a process audit using a formal set of audit tools to determine where there are opportunities to improve efficiency. Through this audit process, we can streamline and align sales activities. The findings from our audit are presented to management as a series of recommendations, supported by a risk analysis that documents the opportunities and risks associated with changing sales processes.

Offer Improvements & Cost Savings

Process improvements have been shown to increase productivity by approximately 8 – 10% depending upon the sales roles. These process enhancements will have a positive effect on both revenues and profitability with additional margin impact through cost savings and greater consistency in delivery of sales results. The benefits of the process audit are not only financial. Through this initiative, you get your sales force all rowing in the same direction with a common set of goals and deliverables.

PlanIt Sales Compensation

Software tools to be used across the business

PlanIt is a multi-purpose application that supports a number of sales organization requirements. It automates the design and communication of the plan, complete with a document to ensure complete understanding and signoff by the participants. It manages contests and SPIFFs conducted throughout the year, including both cash and non-cash incentives. It enables both a team and individual focus to sales activities and results, including the consolidation of sales and payouts across divisions of the organization.

Communicate plan designs and sales results

Most sales compensation plans suffer from a common malady ….. poor communication. PlanIt provides an electronic medium for consistent communication of expectations, performance and payout. Salespeople who work remote from the Head Office often feel isolated and research has shown that they receive less frequent and more incomplete information from their management. PlanIt provides a tool for sales management to deliver consistent and comprehensive information that allows salespeople to understand their plans and how they are performing. For sales managers, PlanIt is an essential tool to permit them to effectively manage sales performance. In “real-time”, managers can review a sales reps performance and payouts using the same data and calculations as the rep.

Built to suit your needs

Unlike other applications that require sales organizations to conform to the simple commission or bonus calculations that their system will accommodate, PlanIt has an open architecture that allows it to be customized to the unique and specific needs of your organization. There is no need for manual input and manipulation associated with Excel spreadsheets. PlanIt can accommodate any type of plan design, including difficult data requirements, complex commissions with modifiers, tiered bonus structures and even MBO measures. Make your sales compensation plans easy to manage with our exceptional application and matchless customer support.


Planning & Design

Many sales organizations today are seeking to reduce administrative overheads and streamline their business activities. Outsourcing of sales compensation design and administration is one opportunity to focus your resources on those activities that generate revenue and produce profits. Our team of sales compensation professionals can fix your costs associated with the management of incentives and optimize the R.O.I from your compensation investment. We guarantee improved efficiency, better management reporting and clearer and more easily understood plan communication. Put your dollars where they are really needed ….. into sales.

Development & Communication

We work with sales management to design and administer sales compensation plans that deliver maximum sales results. Through improved plan design and effective data management and accurate calculations, we support the sales team through timely access to information and development of trust with your sales force through their confidence in the accuracy of the information. We have years of experience in sales compensation. Let us help you create a positive and motivational sales environment.

Calculation & Reporting

The essentials in sales compensation are the accuracy and consistency of the information and presentation to the sales force in a way that they can understand that they have been paid correctly and treated fairly. PlanIt enables the reps to drill down into the data to confirm what has been credited to them and how the incentives have been paid. Custom reports and dashboards can be created to ensure that management and salespeople have the information that they need to assess sales results. We add clarity to the communication and for managers our reporting permits easy identification of performance issues and opportunities to recognize achievement.